Handcrafted, Designed with Passion

Handcrafted, Designed with Passion

At Rio Republic every single one of our pieces are designed and made by us in our factory in New Jersey. We have taken years of first hand interactions with our costumers in our retail store in order to always produce the best selling outfits. Our costumers love them, and yours will too!
Customer Service

Customer Service

Would you like some help placing your order, have questions about our clothing, or simply need to check on the progress of your order. Simply emails us at riorepublicwear@gmail.com or call us (973) 230-6975 Monday - Saturday 10am - 7pm EST. If you are in the area, you can always visit our retail store at 105 Ferry St. Newark NJ (5 blocks from Newark Penn Station)
Excellent Quality

Excellent Quality

We are ecstatic that you are considering giving our products a try and making them available to your costumers. And we won't let you down. Quality comes first at Rio Republic. We make every piece in our line by hand! absolutely everything made right here in the USA. Our clothing is nothing like the low quality Chinese mass-produced products out there.


Wholesale Stripper Clothes by Rio Republic

About Our Company

All of the Rio Republic items are made by us, and made right here in the USA. Our craftsmanship is of far higher quality than the products you can find from the large factories. Our products are unique, exclusively available and sell very well!

We started with our retail store "Rio Republic" located in New Jersey, in the ironbound neighborhood. By taking constant feedback from exotic dancers and doing in house adjustments and tailoring, we have consistently developed our ability to learn what this market demands. Thousands of strippers and exotic dancers shop at our store every year, and a large subset of them give us feedback in the form of requests and alterations. We really believe that running our own retail store of exotic dance wear for so many years has given us a huge advantage in being able to produce the best stripper clothes out there.

It's really common to find clubs of exotic dancers. The profession of exotic dance is growing every year. Women see this job, not as a bad one, but as way to make a living. There are those who even pay their college educations and all their life expenses with exotic dance.

We believe every woman, who recently joins this profession, in some point asked herself: where can I acquire these kinds of clothes? Truth be told, there are a lot of stores that sell this kind of stripper clothes and exotic dance wear. And now there is a new wholesale store online constantly offering new products, that are impressing everyone. I'm talking about Wholesale Stripper Clothes by Rio Republic.

The wholesale stripper clothes came to innovate and show you the bests products in the business. The owner of the store Maria, guarantees that you won't find better products for exotic dance wear or stripper wear, than what you will find on the wholesale exotic dance wear website. The quality of the product really stands out and so does the variety. There are hundreds of stripper clothes just waiting to be sold by you.

Also, Maria designs unique models of stripper clothes and exotic dance clothes. She takes orders, and can make breathtaking stripper clothes, so your store can shine and stand out. Just imagine your store selling unique and originally designed stripper clothes. Well, don't just imagine, browse our selection and get in touch to be a client of our whole sale stripper clothes.

Whole Sale Stripper Clothes has been in this business for over seven years. Seven years making customers happy with our products, and selling only what is the best when the subject is exotic dance wear and stripper clothes.

If your store or company sells to exotic dancers or sells sexy clothing in general, check out our products or get in touch with Maria by calling our store. We are more than sure you won't be disappointed, and, you will be able to find the right exotic dance wear or stripper clothes that will be perfect for your business.